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O-Zone Card is “The First Universal Fuel Card in Nigeria” developed and exclusively brought to you by Dolvana Nigeria Limited.

O-Zone card solutions is a well thought out solution developed to make payments for petroleum products at point of sales terminals at any filling stations of your choice in Nigeria and also allows you to order for your petroleum product such as (Cooking Gas, Diesel, Lubricants etc) at your convenient while you get speedy delivery without any itch and lots of other innovative features that brings amazing customer experience and product satisfaction.

O-Zone Card also came with Web/Mobile Applications designed to give you accountability and total control on your fueling. The Fuel card and the Apps are programmed in a way that the user gets the
commensurate value of the product paid for thereby discouraging rip offs from drivers and unauthorized transactions, helping the account owners accurately monitor their fuel expenses, allowing them to plan and budget effectively and Easy/Seamless online order of products. With values like Comfortability, Accountability, Freedom, Security, Economic value and Convenience O-Zone App is bringing, Petroleum products users have one less thing to worry about.

Payment Options
  • O-Zone App (Web/Mobile)
  • At any Providus Bank branch Nationwide
  • ATM (quickteller enabled)
  • Online Banking
  • Debit Card
  • At Our office location

Frequently Asked Questions

O-Zone is Dolvana Ltd retail and supply petroleum product platform developed to offer ease, convenience and transparency to individuals, family, group and corporate orgasnisations. It is a Card and Wallet based system that offers control to fleet managers, LPG users, AGO users and is accessible through a prepaid Fuel Card and Digital Applications for the purchase of petroleum product at any filling station and other authorized agents across the country.

Yes! O-Zone has categories of users which allows multiple cards on a single account, categories are:

– O-Zone Family

– O-Zone Pro

These categories can have multiple card and will be controlled by the Admin to prevent unauthorized transactions.

You do! O-Zone App gives you total control on your account, allowing you to set transaction limits, manage your cards, change your PIN and access your transaction history etc, with O-Zone rip offs is totally eliminated.

You can activate your O-Zone Card at the nearest Quickteller enabled ATM when you receive your card by changing the default PIN at the back of your card package; you can also call our Customer Service Center for card activation.

Well, this is possible but we are not rolling out the option for now, but the E-Fueling platform and Third Party Purchase will be launched soon. Watch Out!

No, you cannot withdraw cash with your O-Zone card; O-Zone card is a fuel card and can only be used to purchase fuel and other petroleum products. But you can transfer money from your wallet in and out of O-Zone platform using your O-Zone App.

Yes, Receipt of transaction is sent to your email automatically, and also you can get SMS notification. You can access your transaction history from your O-Zone App.

Immediately deactivate or lock your card on your O-Zone App or Log on to to disable your card.

You can also call our Customer Care Line to quickly deactivate your lost/stole card.

With O-Zone App on boarding process gets really easy, download O-Zone App from Google Play Store/App Store or log on to, Register and request for your O-Zone Fuel Card where you will access the dashboard to get other amazing features.

The technology provides a secured database system where all financial information is encrypted and stored to PCI DSS LEVEL 1 complaint standards and all transmission to our banking partner on our site is via encrypted 265-HTTPS SSL connection. The site operates a wallet system that integrates with the banking end which the API is proposed to be totally controlled by the bank for financial safety.

Each O-Zone card costs =N=2,000 only.

No, you cannot have multiple users for a single account; one card is attached to one user except you are in another category where you can have multiple cards for a single account.

You can load and fund your card using any of our payment option

 O-Zone App (Web/Mobile)

At any Providus Bank branch Nationwide

ATM (quickteller enabled)

Online Banking

Debit Card

At Our office location

O-Zone Card can only be used to buy petroleum products and any filling station with POS machine and order for your Diesel, Cooking gas and Lubricants from the O-Zone App which will be delivered to your door step.

No, not available for now.

You can change your PIN as many times as you wish.


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