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I Have Something to Tell You Book Cover: A dark yellow background with the book title in a bubble and an illustration of the author in a blue T-shirt

I Have Something to Tell You (For Young Adults): A Memoir

age 12+

Warm, inspiring memoir of becoming proud, out, and gay.

By: Chasten Buttigieg (2023)
Solitaire Book Cover: A girl in an ill-fitting British school uniform stands in the snow under a blue sky and an abstract fiery backdrop


age 14+

Heartstopper prequel is funny, quirky, and dark.

By: Alice Oseman (2023)
Skandar and the Phantom Rider book cover: A black unicorn with a boy on their back gallops through a whirlpool of water shaped like a unicorn.

Skandar and the Phantom Rider: Skandar, Book 2

age 8+

Fighting unicorn sequel as exciting as the first. Giddy up.

By: A. F. Steadman (2023)
The Greatest Kid in the World book cover: A tablet on a desk covered in doodle-filled paper shows the title and a picture of a blond boy with a worried expression

The Greatest Kid in the World

age 8+

Fraught, funny tale of grief, loss, and internet fame.

By: John David Anderson (2023)
Colorful ribbon winds around a page with small images of people, a dog, flowers, a tree, a shoe, and more.

Before, Now

age 4+

Warm images, lovely story follow a baby through parenthood.

By: Daniel Salmieri (2023)
Yoland la Bruja book cover: Afro-Latina teen with low afro puffs, gold hoop earrings, and hearing aid

The Making of Yolanda la Bruja

age 16+

Teen's magic vs. school shooting in tragic, triumphant tale.

By: Lorraine Avila (2023)
Sing Me to Sleep book cover: A swirl of water surrounds a woman with dark skin, full curly hair, and a slinky purple dress seen from the back

Sing Me to Sleep

age 13+

Exciting magical fantasy features a Black siren in disguise.

By: Gabi Burton (2023)
The Many Masks of Andy Zhou Book Cover: Below a Chinese dragon in the sky, a Chinese American boy with backpack and book in hand walks along a highway bridge

The Many Masks of Andy Zhou

age 10+

Racism, bullying behavior in sincere middle school drama.

By: Jack Cheng (2023)
Menancing Manor book cover: Twins fleeing dark figure in spooky mansion

Menacing Manor: Sinister Summer, Book 4

age 8+

Zany, relatable tale sends tweens, teens to creepy castle.

By: Kiersten White (2023)
Lei and the Fire Goddess Book Cover: A girl with brown skin, brown hair in a ponytail, and a backpack runs away from fields of red island flowers and toward an active volcano

Lei and the Fire Goddess

age 8+

Young fantasy fans will lava this exciting Hawaiian quest.

By: Malia Maunakea (2023)
All Good in the Hood Book Cover: Two young Black characters stand on a colorful street with neighbors walking by and playing

All Good in the Hood

age 3+

Upbeat book about neighborhood's spirit on Juneteenth.

By: Dwayne Reed (2023)
Boy Dad Book Cover: Black father flexes arm muscles while standing behind his young son, who's doing the same pose

Boy Dad

age 3+

Beautiful celebration of Black fatherhood and Black sons.

By: Sean Williams (2023)
Juneteenth Book Cover: Illustrated image of many Black and Brown people of different ages and skin tones, holding the Juneteenth flag


age 3+

Lyrical, vibrant celebration of the Juneteenth holiday.

By: Van G. Garrett (2023)
The Queens of New York Book Cover: Three 17-year-old girls; one is Vietnamese American, one is Chinese American, and one is Korean American

The Queens of New York

age 14+

Heartfelt tale celebrates Asian American girls' friendship.

By: E. L. Shen (2023)
Warrior Girl Unearthed Book Cover: Young woman with black hair and brown skin is centered on a red background with title at the bottom of the cover

Warrior Girl Unearthed

age 14+

Exciting tale pits Ojibwe teens against grave robbers.

By: Angeline Boulley (2023)
Family Style Book Cover: A bowl of noodle soup on a blue-green background below the book title

Family Style: Memories of an American from Vietnam

age 13+

Heartfelt, hopeful graphic memoir about family and food.

By: Thien Pham (2023)
Big book cover: Black girl in a tutu holding the letter "i" in the title


age 4+

Powerful picture book about girl who's told she's too big.

By: Vashti Harrison (2023)

The Last Comics on Earth

age 8+

Sci-fi comic is packed with great jokes, fun history.

By: Max Brallier (2023)
The Labors of Hercules Beal book: cover shows a silhouette of a boy, dog, and cat facing a dimly lit sky with star constellations outlined

The Labors of Hercules Beal

age 10+

Heroic, action-packed tale has violence, death of parents.

By: Gary D. Schmidt (2023)
The Shattered Horn Book Cover: Two young water buffalo

The Shattered Horn: Bravelands, Thunder on the Plains, Book 1

age 8+

Love, courage, death in exciting new Africa nature series.

By: Erin Hunter (2023)